Can a Chiropractor Help with Muscle Pain?

Can a Chiropractor Help with Muscle Pain?

October 1, 2022

Your bones, joints, and discs are often associated with chiropractic treatment. However, treating the surrounding muscles and soft tissues is also an essential part of chiropractic care because problems in one part of the body result in pain in other areas, including the muscles.

When you visit a chiropractor to receive expert chiropractic care near me, the professional will assess the type and reason for your muscle pain. They might suggest treating the discomfort with various physiotherapeutic muscle therapy methods with chiropractic adjustments or a combination of chiropractic and muscle therapy.

How Can Chiropractic Treatments Help with Muscle Pain?

Muscle pain and knots result from joint dysfunction and other bodily restrictions. If the problems are not resolved, treating the muscle knot becomes challenging. Massage therapy only provides temporary without addressing the underlying cause of the issue. However, if your muscle pain results from problems related to your joints or spine, chiropractors help resolve the dysfunction using hands-on chiropractic manipulative techniques. After addressing the root cause, the chiropractor manages the knots by providing muscle therapy techniques to ensure they are resolved.

How Does Muscle Therapy Help?

Muscle therapy includes various treatments for manipulating muscles to resolve muscle pain and improve physical health and well-being. The treatments might include kneading, holding, moving, and applying pressure to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia.

Physiotherapeutic muscle treatments like massages, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and dry needling help alleviate symptoms associated with chronic and subacute back pain besides delayed onset muscle soreness, muscle spasms, fascia restriction, soft tissue injuries besides, pain, and dysfunction in different parts of the body. In addition, muscle therapy helps restore functionality and movement and assists in resuming everyday activities like work and sport.

Why do Chiropractors Combine Muscle Therapy and Chiropractic Care?

Your nervous system, muscles, joints, and spine are connected to each other to affect your functionality and recovery from injuries and the quality of your overall health. When chiropractors combine physiotherapeutic muscle treatments with chiropractic adjustments, they provide an effective treatment for the entire body considering it as one connected system. Each treatment complements the other.

For example, when muscle therapy helps relieve tension in the soft tissue, it makes chiropractic adjustments more effective because tight muscles often result from misalignment of joints. Chiropractic also supports muscle therapy, and if the pain involves misalignments, chiropractic adjustments might provide instant relief. Therefore when the chiropractor in Traverse City combines chiropractic care with muscle therapy, they offer you a source of healing, giving you many benefits. For example, your soft tissue heals faster after realigning the joints. In addition, chiropractic adjustments help relax the deep layers of soft tissue that are challenging to palpate to allow both therapies to function better.

If you experience pain in your spine, joints, or soft tissue, you find it better to seek emergency chiropractic adjustments for muscle pain sooner instead of later because you don’t need to endure unnecessary pain that diminishes your quality of life. Instead, you must seek help from a chiropractor to deal with the muscle pain bothering you and find relief from other issues that might be the root cause of the muscle tension.

Seeking relief from a chiropractor shouldn’t concern you because the professionals merely use spinal manipulation and mobilization with diagnostic tools to identify the root cause of the problem and perform adjustments on your body to relieve muscle, back, and joint pain. Chiropractic care doesn’t involve medications or surgery. It is merely a holistic treatment plan created by a professional with thorough knowledge and qualifications on improving your quality of life and providing pain relief using adjustments and other therapies that include exercises, stretching, et cetera to relieve muscle tension in the limbs.

Chiropractic care is unique to healing because the professional knows how your body functions by looking at isolated parts. Chiropractors focus on searching for the underlying causes of the discomfort. For example, the bones are generally responsible if you have muscle discomfort because the muscles are attached to them. If the chiropractor detects the bones are out of alignment, they determine it’s too much or too little muscle tension. The chiropractor adjusts the bones to provide pain relief and help nerve flow to organs by aligning your spine for better overall health.

Chiropractors are experts in helping you find relief from various aches and pains in the body, including muscle pain. Therefore if you are affected by painful muscles from sports or work, you can find the relief you need by visiting Diversified Chiropractic today for an assessment and begin your treatment as soon as possible to improve your quality of life.

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