Dealing with Lower Back Pain: A Comprehensive Guide

Dealing with Lower Back Pain: A Comprehensive Guide

December 1, 2020

Lower back pain can plague your life, which is why it should be taken seriously. It could happen when you get an acute injury that breaks down your fluid-filled spine disks that play the role of shock absorbers. Whatever the cause, there is always something you can do to ease the pain. This article explored some of the ways you can do this.

Hot and Cold

While heat and ice could come in handy when you have pain in the lower back, it is essential to maintain a particular order. For instance, in the case of a new injury, apply ice first before using heat. How do you use ice to your advantage? Wrap a pack of ice in a clean cloth and place it against the affected area. Applying ice directly to your skin could have a burning effect. Let the ice stay there at intervals of ten minutes.

As tempting as it is to apply heat to your injured back, you should avoid this at all costs. The reason behind this logic is that heat causes the body to increase the number of inflammatory compounds it releases into your body. You can only use heat after about two days.


This ancient Chinese practice is effective in relieving moderate pain in the lower back. The practice involves inserting needles into specific points on your body to balance energy flow. Also, acupuncture stimulates the release of pain-relieving chemicals inside the body.

Reevaluate your Workspace

Is your workstation contributing to the pain in your back? Yes? Maybe it is time to evaluate it to make it more back-friendly. This goes a long way to provide pain relief and prevent it from worsening. Start by repositioning your most used tools at work. For instance, put objects like staplers, pens, and notepads near your reach to avoid straining your lower back in efforts to reach them. It could also help for your chair to have a comfortable height that allows your feet to rest on the floor. The backrest should also support your back adequately. The same applies to your computer screen. Ensure it is conveniently located to avoid looking too low or too high.

Maintain a Strong Bone Diet

There are many reasons why maintaining a healthy diet, especially if you have lower back pain is important. Eating healthy helps you keep your weight in check. Excessive weight exerts extra strain on the lower back, thus increasing the pain. Also, a diet full of essential nutrients promotes bone growth and strength. These nutrients include:

  • Calcium: Calcium-rich foods such as dairy products are right for your bones. They can be substituted with oatmeal, orange juice, and cereal. Broccoli, collard greens, and kale are also good sources of calcium.
  • Phosphorous: Dairy foods such a cheese, cottage cheese, milk, ice cream are high in phosphorous/
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D-rich foods such as salmon, sardines, and eggs are good vitamin D sources.

Rethink your Sleeping Posture

Sleeping in an awkward posture causes you pain when you wake up. If you have lower back pain, it would be best if you sleep on either of your sides with your knees close to the chest. Putting a pillow between your legs while in this position could also reduce the stress on the lower back. It should be remembered that sleeping on a mattress that is too soft could accelerate the pain. Get a firmer mattress.

Muscle Stretches

One of the best ways to relieve acute and chronic lower back pain and avoid any lower back issues in the future is stretching. As you stretch, the back muscles extend in various directions. You could lie flat on your back and try reaching your knees to your chest or outstretch your arms in a “T” position while bending your knee and twisting it in the direction of your straight leg. Alternatively, you could lie flat on your stomach and stretch your arms overhead while trying to lift your chest.

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