Everything You Need to Know About Chronic Back Pain Treatment

Everything You Need to Know About Chronic Back Pain Treatment

January 1, 2023

Chronic back pain is psychologically and physically stressful. If you or your loved one is experiencing frustration and anger due to it, chiropractic care can help. Chiropractors use numerous non-surgical treatments to deal with symptoms like muscle tension, inflammation, and other chronic pain symptoms.

What is Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain is a condition that is ongoing and stays for more than six months. It can continue even after the illness or injury.

What Are the Common Causes of Chronic Back Pain?

Let’s discover the most common causes of chronic back pain:

  • Disk issues.
  • Spinal stenosis.
  • Myofascial pain syndrome.
  • Spine arthritis.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

Chiropractic back pain treatment can last for several weeks. Therefore, you may need two or three short sessions a week to address your issue. Each session would be of 10 to 20 minutes. Once your symptoms start improving, you will require treatment just once a week.

How Often to See a Chiropractor for Chronic Back Pain?

Typically, how often to see a chiropractor in Traverse City will depend on the severity, nature of your symptoms, unique case, and needs. After an injury, you may need multiple sessions during the first few weeks of chiropractic care. However, others might require appointments once a week or once a month.

Is Self-Chiropractic Safe for Your Back?

No. Professional spinal manipulation is much safer than self-chiropractic exercises. It’s because a well-trained chiropractor will perform the treatment. On the other hand, self-chiropractic exercises might hurt when you pop up your joints with too much pressure or too often.

Risks of self-chiropractic exercises include:

  1. Stretched Ligaments

When the joint extends beyond its standard range of motion, it can stretch the nearby ligaments and cause damage.

  1. Damage to the Joint Tissues

The forceful or frequent popping of joints results in wear down. It causes damage to the soft tissues of the joint.

How Does a Chiropractor Manage Chronic Pain? What to Expect?

During your initial visit, the chiropractor near you will discuss your health history and existing health state. Then, a licensed chiropractor finds the root cause of your back pain. He/she will perform a physical examination and other tests.

A chiropractor will perform a physical exam to test spine mobility. For this, he/she might use imaging technology or do lab tests. Other tests may include taking X-rays and checking blood pressure. It helps the chiropractor identify other issues that might be causing your back pain.

The chiropractor may also refer you to another medical expert if required. If the chiropractor decides that you require adjustments, he/she will tell you to lie down or sit at a special table.

Then, the chiropractor will work with you closely to create a suitable chiropractic treatment plan. It may include manual therapy, spinal manipulation therapeutic exercises. The most common chiropractic treatment for chronic back pain includes manipulation using the hands. It includes shifting a joint in the spine to the end of the range. It effectively realigns the spine bone and puts them in the appropriate place.

Depending on your treatment plan, you will need more than one visit. The first visit typically lasts for 30 to 60 minutes. As per the American Chiropractic Association, a professional chiropractor will use spinal manipulation to restore joint mobility. The expert applies a controlled force into the hypo-mobile joints manually. It ensures tightness of muscles, relief from pain, and healing of tissues.

During the chiropractic adjustment, you may hear popping or cracking sounds from your joints. After a few days, you might have pain or fatigue in the body parts. But it will get back to “normal” after some time. If you have any physical issues like tingling, weakness, numbness, etc., tell to your chiropractor immediately.

Get Chronic Back Pain Treatment Today

Chiropractic care treats diseases associated with the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. The chiropractor also uses therapy to address various kinds of pain like neck pain, back pain, etc.

Pain relief from chiropractic treatment also provides other advantages like minimizing depression and allowing everyday physical activity. It causes a cascading positive effect on the overall health of an individual. If you are struggling with chronic back pain due to past injury or age, get in touch with a chiropractor in 49686 at Diversified Chiropractic today.

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