Everything You Should Know About Back Pain Treatment in Traverse City

Everything You Should Know About Back Pain Treatment in Traverse City

April 1, 2021

The back is such a crucial part of the body, supporting most of its functions. Therefore, it is only natural that when your back is in pain, you would pay any amount to get a cure for it.

The thing with back pain, however, is that it can be caused by many different factors which then diversifies the available treatment alternative. Finding the right one for your particular kind of pain is crucial to finding the cure thereof.

More About Back Pain

If you are seeking back pain treatment near you, then you know for a fact that no one treatment fits all. Instead, you need a doctor to diagnose your ailment and determine the best kind of treatment.

Back pain can be caused by different factors, which is why you should expect that treatment will vary. For some types of back pain, there is no particular cure but rather measures to improve the quality of life by alleviating the discomfort from the pain. For other types, you can get a treatment that permanently cures your illness. It all depends on the cause of your back pain.

Different Causes of Back Pain

  1. Muscle or ligament strain – overworking your body can cause your muscles or ligaments to strain. This is often due to repeated activities that place unnecessary pressure on your back. Such include lifting heavy weights, poor body posture, to mention a few.
  2. Ruptured disks of the spine – the disks in your spinal column are there to cushion your bones. When these disks are compromised, they can bulge, or worse rupture. This situation puts pressure on the nerves in that region of your back, causing back pain.
  3. Osteoarthritis – this illness can result in the narrowing of the spinal cord region, leading to spinal stenosis.
  4. Fractures and back injuries – fractures can develop after an accident or health condition that threatens your bones. If they become brittle, then your back area can sustain fractures in the vertebrae of your spine. This problem leads to a condition called osteoporosis.

Seeking Back Pain Treatment

Back pain treatment near you is the best shot you have at improving the quality of your life when you are in pain. The treatments vary depending on how severe your pain is, along with the underlying cause of the pain. Some of the treatment alternatives available include:

  1. Lifestyle adjustments – this is a treatment advocated for by many doctors and chiropractors in Traverse City, MI. Some changes in your daily routines can help improve the condition of your back. They include the following:
    • Avoiding heavy lifting
    • Exercising more frequently
    • Resting adequately
    • Changing your sleeping position
    • Improving your body posture when sitting
    • Maintaining a healthy weight
    • Incorporate lower back support especially when sitting
  2. Over-the-counter (OTC) – your doctor may prescribe some pain relievers to help alleviate your discomfort. Some anti-inflammatory drugs can help ease the pain and discomfort in your back.
  3. Hot or cold compressions – a chiropractor near you may encourage hot or cold compressions for your back, for at-home treatment.
  4. Physical therapy – chiropractors are more experienced in this area. They will include procedures like electrical stimulation, ultrasounds, muscle-release body massages, to mention a few. These therapeutic activities are great for improving the healing and recovery of your body especially post-trauma or injury. The treatment techniques are also perfect for patients seeking non-invasive treatment measures.
  5. Cortisone injections – it is a treatment option that is resulted to when many of the above measures are not as effective. These injections are made on the epidural space of your spine, delivering the anti-inflammatory drug called cortisone. This medication helps reduce any swelling in your back area while dealing with the pain on the nerve roots. The injections are also great for numbing the area of pain to increase your comfort levels.
  6. Surgery – although surgeries are rarely performed for back pain treatment, in some cases, they may be necessary. A nerve compression diagnosed due to a herniated disk in your spinal column, for example, may necessitate back surgery. The surgical procedures may involve the use of bone grafts to repair and reconstruct your back region.

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