How Do a Chiropractor Treat Back Pain?

How Do a Chiropractor Treat Back Pain?

November 1, 2022

Back pain is among the common health problems today. Most people experience back pain at some point in their lives. Physically demanding activities and occupations and normal aging can cause discs in the spine to wear out. This process is speeded up by poor posture and unhealthy movement patterns. If you visit a licensed chiropractor, they’ll help alleviate back pain and prevent future recurrences.

Types of Back Issues that Chiropractors Treat

Chiropractors in Traverse City treat different types of back pain, including herniation or disk derangement. Also, mechanical back pain, such as a strained back while playing sports. And joint compressions, for example, compression of your lower-back joints from prolonged sitting.

How Does a Chiropractor Diagnose Back Pain?

Before your chiropractor near you creates a treatment plan for your back pain, they’ll do a thorough exam to diagnose the particular cause of the back pain.

The chiropractor performs physical and neurological exams to determine areas of restricted movement. They may also use static and motion palpation examination by means of touch and movement.

The chiropractor also analyzes how one walks, and they’ll look at your spinal alignment and overall posture.

MRIs, X-rays, and laboratory tests are also used to help your chiropractor diagnose the cause of back pain.

Once the chiropractor diagnoses the specific disorder that’s causing back pain, they’ll be able to create an effective treatment plan for your pain.

Also, your chiropractor will rule out a back condition that requires surgery. If they think your back pain is better treated with surgery, they’ll refer you to a spine surgeon.

How a Chiropractor Treats Back Pain

There are several techniques that a chiropractor uses for back pain treatment near you. Some of the techniques include:

Physical Therapy

Although physical therapists may do physical therapy, a chiropractor will give you a better assessment and recommends a course of action that will fit your case.

A chiropractor recommends exercise that will ignite your muscle memory and provide an alleviation approach or the most natural pain relief.

Whether you intend to relax, correct your posture, or regain muscle strength, a chiropractor likely provides you with all the necessary and relevant guidelines.


This method utilizes maximizing the motion of the joints and muscles in the back. By slowly moving around their spinal joints and back muscles, your chiropractor will restore a degree of normalcy to your back. They will also alleviate the pain let the condition has caused me.

Medical Acupuncture

Medical acupuncture is a method where the acupuncturist or chiropractor at Diversified Chiropractic inserts tiny needles at specific points. These points are where the tissue or muscle has a connection with another part of your body. The acupuncture technique is proper where the chiropractic realignment pressure is too much or can’t solve the problem. In addition, this technique makes your brain focus on the pain, which is a relief.

Manipulation of the Spine

This process alleviates back pain by using rapid thrusts introducing nerve irritation, restoring a degree of movement on the vertebra, and increasing the functionality of the muscles.

This treatment is also known as chiropractic adjustments because it essentially helps restore or bring about your spine’s normal functioning.

Lifestyle Changes

Depending on your injury, a chiropractor may recommend some lifestyle to ease the treatment. Some of the recommendations include:

  • Having dietary supplements
  • Physical exercises
  • Changing your diet
  • Going for electric shock therapy

Muscle Tissue Therapy

In some cases, back pain is a result of Injury or tension of the tissues and muscles of the back. In this case, a message it’ll be effective. Chiropractic massages help increase the muscles’ blood flow or flexibility, which eases and hastens the therapeutic process. This technique is useful for axial pain and proves effective for other types of muscular pain.

Manual Traction of the Spine

This technique is suitable for people willing to alleviate pain and reduce subsequent chances of injury. A chiropractor guides you on the best exercises to try and best posture. Being familiar with the causes of back pain makes your chiropractor recommend the best therapeutic courses based on the pain and its causes.

Flexion Distraction

This form of spinal traction is used to treat disorders of the small joints in your lower back, known as facet joints.

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