How Extra Weight Affects Chiropractic Care

How Extra Weight Affects Chiropractic Care

November 4, 2020

Having extra weight has become the new norm in the United States. According to the latest studies, 40 percent of the population is overweight, and an additional 40 percent are obese. All of these extra pounds are no laughing matter when it comes to your musculoskeletal system.

Chiropractors treat the musculoskeletal system, which is the combination of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other tissues that support your body and enable it to move. When someone has extra weight – whether it be fat or muscle – it places extra strain on the system. This extra strain increases someone’s chances of broken bones, muscle strain, long-lasting injuries, and health complications.

Can Someone Receive Chiropractic Care When Overweight?

Chiropractic care is available to overweight and obese patients. A specialist will be able to release pressure from the joints and address some underlying causes of tension and pain. However, a responsible chiropractor will also recommend weight loss to help eliminate some of the pressure placed on the joints.

Few people realize how much extra weight affects the structure of the body. Most skeletons have a limit to how much weight they can support before the body starts to damage itself. For example, a 5’6 woman has a healthy range of 115 to 154 lbs. Within this range, the body is more likely to remain healthy and strong. Too little weight and the body becomes brittle. Too much, and the body starts to crush itself.

What Is Involved in Care?

When you visit a chiropractor, the specialist will often perform an adjustment to realign the joints and release pressure. You will then be given stretches and exercises to strengthen the muscles, improve mobility, and become more flexible.

For patients who are overweight or obese, a chiropractor will often recommend weight loss and basic exercise. This includes cutting down on calories and doing simple physical exercise like walking 30 minutes a day.

No chiropractor will recommend doing exercises that will put too much strain on your body. If you are concerned about treatment, look around your area for a chiropractor who addresses your needs and concerns. You can still receive chiropractic care even if you have some extra pounds, and there is no shame in requesting help to correct a problem.

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