Neck Pain: Why Should I Go to the Chiropractor for pain relief?

Neck Pain: Why Should I Go to the Chiropractor for pain relief?

February 1, 2023

Have you woken up with neck pain after a good night’s rest? Maybe you think you have a stiff neck. The problem is a terrible experience after getting a good night’s rest and can make you believe you must visit the pain management service near me for relief.

You are not alone in experiencing a stiff neck because many people experience similar problems. It can happen from the wrong sleeping position or exerting too much pressure when exercising and accidentally staining your neck muscles without noticing it. Regardless of its cause experiencing neck pain is not a comfortable feeling. However, there are some pain management options you can consider whenever you experience neck pain.

OTC Pain Relief Medications

If your neck pain isn’t intense, you can try OTC pain relievers to feel better when waking up, especially if the discomfort is mild. In addition, you can use any OTC pain medications that help reduce inflammation and help manage and reduce the pain you feel.

Warm Massages

Sometimes neck pain begins feeling better if you apply some warmth coupled with mild stretching to eliminate the pain in the neck. You can choose a heating pad or warm compress bags used directly over the painful spot. After applying the warm compress, stretch your neck gently because many people experience quick relief. The warm compress helps reduce inflammation, and the stretching loosens the stress in the muscle area. However, you must note that whenever stretching any muscle group, you must ensure you prevent pushing it too hard. You would want to avoid causing more damage than you already have. You can also use icy hot topical gels as an excellent alternative if you don’t have a heating pad.


Your neck pain improves significantly from massage to leave you surprised. Of course, you have to give your neck a little rub without exerting too much pressure or not applying pressure to the already painful area. A simple massage usually provides relief if the neck pain results from a tight muscle or tendon.

Chiropractic Care

If you wake up with neck pain, you find it better to seek relief from a chiropractor in Traverse City. Chiropractic care is an excellent option you can go to if you are experiencing any discomfort in the body. For example, it can be a stiff neck or an injury-related part of your spine.

When you seek neck pain chiropractic treatment in Traverse City, the chiropractor helps eliminate the pain by correctly aligning your spine. The technique helps promote healing besides helping with spinal alignment, which eventually results in pain relief.

If you decide to find relief from the pain and visit a chiropractor, many chiropractors in Diversified Chiropractic can help you get rid of the pain you experience in the neck or prevent aches and pains in other parts of your body. The technique chiropractors use spinal manipulation for proper spine alignment, which in turn helps reduce pain and the occurrence of injuries.

You can call for an appointment at the chiropractic Center mentioned or walk in without an appointment, confident that you will not be charged exorbitant fees for treating your condition. Discuss your situation with the chiropractor at the facility and get the help you need right away to find relief from neck pain.

Why See a Chiropractor for Neck Pain?

When you experience severe neck pain and decide to visit a chiropractor, the professional will take you through a thorough examination to identify the source of your pain. They also inquire about your symptoms to enable them to provide you with the appropriate treatment. The familiar questions they might ask include the time when you first experienced the pain and if you used any home remedies. In addition, the chiropractor may recommend a neurological or physical exam to determine the intensity of your discomfort.

When undergoing a physical chiropractic exam, the condition of your neck, its range of movement, and your body posture are observed. In addition, your chiropractor will feel your spine, alignment, curvature, and muscle spasms. The exams are essential to ensure the development of a customized treatment plan. Your treatment will involve a combination of various types of therapy to ensure your needs are met. The treatment can include spinal manipulation, massages, neck adjustments, and rehabilitative exercises.

Chiropractic neck adjustments are the most effective and accurate treatment you can receive for relief from neck pain. The therapy helps with your general range of motion throughout the neck to prevent your pain from aggravating. In addition, you receive a non-invasive option to reduce your neck pain without taking medicines that might cause side effects. The non-invasive treatment you receive for relief from neck pain is the prime reason you must see a chiropractor for neck pain.

If you experience pain in the neck when waking up in the morning or any time during the day, consult the practice mentioned above for relief. Receive a non-invasive treatment from the practice to eliminate the neck pain you experience.

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