Should You Go to a Chiropractor during Pregnancy?

Should You Go to a Chiropractor during Pregnancy?

August 1, 2023

Lower back aches and pain are part of the experience for many pregnant women. Studies reveal nearly 50 percent of pregnant women experience back pain during their pregnancy.

Fortunately, pregnant women can seek relief from a chiropractor instead of relying on painkillers harmful to them and the baby.

Is It Safe Seeking Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy?

Chiropractic care involves maintaining the spinal column’s health and adjusting misaligned joints without involving drugs or surgery. Chiropractic care is a physical treatment to reduce spinal nerve stress and promote body health.

In excess of a million chiropractic adjustments without complications are performed globally every day. During pregnancy, care from the chiropractor near me is considered safe. However, certain circumstances may not allow you to obtain chiropractic care.

It helps if you get your doctor’s approval before visiting a chiropractor while pregnant. Doctors do not recommend chiropractic care if you experience vaginal bleeding, placenta or previa abruption, ectopic pregnancy, or severe to moderate toxemia.

Most licensed chiropractors receive pregnancy-related training, but some specialize in prenatal care. Therefore you must inquire whether a chiropractor you choose specializes in prenatal care or request a referral from your doctor before seeking chiropractic treatment.

When adjusting pregnant women, chiropractors utilize adjusting tables to accommodate growing bellies. In addition, the chiropractor chosen will not put pressure on the abdomen. Chiropractors can advise you on effective stretches to relieve tension and ease discomfort.

How does Chiropractic Care help during Pregnancy?

Hormonal and physical changes routinely accompany a pregnancy. Some of the changes will impact your posture and comfort. The growth of your baby will shift the center of gravity, making your posture adjust accordingly. The physical changes of pregnancy can result in a misaligned spine and joints. In addition, you may experience other uncomfortable changes during pregnancy, including a protruding abdomen resulting in an increased curve of the back, pelvis changes as the body repairs for labor, and posture adaptations.

Frequent visits to the chiropractor in 49686 during pregnancy can help address the above-described problems. Research conducted reveals 75 percent of pregnant women receiving chiropractic care in Traverse City experienced pain relief. In addition, the adjustments customized to re-establish balance and alignment of the pelvis and spine help more than just make you feel better. Chiropractic care is also beneficial for the baby.

Chiropractic Care Benefits for the Baby

An out-of-alignment restricts the space available to the developing baby. When external forces of struck the baby’s movements, it causes intrauterine constraints resulting in congenital disabilities.

A misaligned pelvis can also cause complications related to delivery. A pelvis out of alignment makes it challenging for the baby to move into position for birth. Occasionally it can affect your ability to have a non-invasive delivery. In contrast, a balanced pelvis indicates your baby has a lower chance of moving into a breach position. When the baby is not in an appropriate birthing position, it can result in longer and more complicated delivery.

The evidence available points to better outcomes in labor and delivery during pregnancy when you receive chiropractic care during the term. It helps reduce the length of time you spend in labor.

Besides the above regular chiropractic care during pregnancy offers benefits like helping you maintain a healthier and comfortable pregnancy, receiving back, neck, hips, and joint pain, and helping control nausea symptoms.

Steps to Follow

If you experience back, hip, or joint pain during pregnancy and consider chiropractic care, you must discuss it with your obstetrician. They can refer you to a qualified chiropractor in your vicinity and also help determine the safety of chiropractic care for you and your baby.

If your doctor approves chiropractic care during pregnancy for pain relief, you can visit the Traverse City chiropractor for pain relief during your pregnancy.

Chiropractic care is noncontroversial and compelling during pregnancy. Routine chiropractic care helps you manage back, hips, and joint pain while also establishing pelvic balance. The adjustments can provide your baby with the space needed over your pregnancy term. Chiropractic care can result in faster and easier labor and delivery.

If you are pregnant and affected by the discomfort associated with pregnancy, discuss your situation with your doctor and seek chiropractic care from Diversified Chiropractic for relief from the discomfort. The qualified chiropractors at the practice specialize in prenatal care to provide relief from the pain you experience.

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