Spinal and Postural Screenings with Dr. Neil Jackson, Your Chiropractor in Traverse City, MI

Spinal and Postural Screenings with Dr. Neil Jackson, Your Chiropractor in Traverse City, MI

March 1, 2022

Having a good posture is extremely underrated. People think that as long as they can do the things they want and move their bodies when there is a need, their health is okay. On the contrary, you could continue living a normal life while employing improper postures. Unfortunately, a bad posture eventually causes health problems in your body. Although you may not automatically link your health problems to your posture, you would be surprised at how impactful it is to your general health. Besides, posture significantly affects spinal health – the spine is a very sensitive part of your body that is highly susceptible to injuries.

What Are Spinal and Postural Screenings?

They are crucial tests in chiropractic care in Traverse City, MI, that help detect spinal misalignments to prevent the buildup of undue stress in the body. Technically, the area of focus in chiropractic care is the central nervous system. As such, the primary objective for spinal and postural screenings is to analyze your posture relative to nerve function and spine alignment. The screenings help your physician determine whether or not you need any corrections in your overall alignment to benefit your general health and promote wellness.

The Role of Spinal and Postural Screenings to Your Health

Just because you do not suffer from back pain does not automatically imply a healthy spine or a correct posture. The role of spinal and postural screenings is to stimulate the natural self-healing of your body. The screenings allow your chiropractor to advise on posture, which is the way you hold your body, whether when sleeping or sitting up. Posture can also determine how you walk or stand. Since posture affects your spinal alignment, it can influence many functions of your body. A poor posture will misalign your spine, leading to other health complications, including difficulties in your mobility. The best chiropractors near you will correct your spinal alignment and ensure the body can support itself adequately. It will help avoid conditions like lower back pain, injuries, and loss of mobility.

Do You Need Spinal and Postural Screenings?

Screenings in walk-in chiropractic in 49686 are only meant for observing your posture when you walk, sit, stand, or lie down. These will shed light on the general alignment of your spine. Any misalignment will place your body in some form of unnecessary pressure, which mostly manifests as body aches. Sometimes, the misalignment may even be obvious through observing your posture. Other times, you nerve screenings to determine whether or not you need further treatment. Some of the indicators that you need spinal and postural screenings are:

  1. Difficulty walking properly
  2. Difficulty sleeping well at night – or having disrupted sleep patterns
  3. Migraine headaches
  4. Pain in your joints and bones
  5. Chronic disorders like chronic back pain
  6. Loss of mobility
  7. Numbness or tingling of some of your limbs
  8. Chronis stress and anxiety
  9. Injuries
  10. Vertebral imbalance

Benefits of Spinal and Postural Screenings

The reason you may need spinal and postural screenings is so you can seek appropriate treatment before you suffer permanent health issues in your body. The relevance of the screenings is in the following aspects:

  1. Assessing your body posture as it relates to your spinal health.
  2. Evaluating muscle function.
  3. Acts as a preventive measure to care for your health.
  4. Helps identify underlying health problems linked to your nervous system and spinal alignment
  5. Helps catch spinal and nervous system issues early before they cause permanent problems like paralysis.
  6. Analyzes the extent and severity of injuries
  7. Allows for a customized treatment plan to target the specific conditions you have.
  8. Promotes optimal body functionality

Treatments to Correct Misalignment

Only a spinal and postural screening can establish whether or not you need chiropractic treatments at Diversified Chiropractic to correct spinal misalignment. The good news is that our treatments are niched to target the source of pain and stress points. Many chiropractic adjustments can correct misalignment, including the following:

  1. Spinal manipulation
  2. Activator adjustments
  3. Muscle exercises
  4. Corrective physical exercises

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