Why Should You See a Chiropractor After Sports-Injury-Related Neck Pain with Headache?

Why Should You See a Chiropractor After Sports-Injury-Related Neck Pain with Headache?

May 2, 2022

If you have built your entire life around sports, an injury can set you back several miles. It feels overwhelming and devastating not to play for several months because of an injury. The lingering effects of the trauma become that much harder to overcome. While you may be diligent with taking prescribed medication, you may want to consider alternative approaches to manage sports-related injuries. An incredible solution would be to visit a chiropractor Diversified Chiropractic to learn about the available treatment options specific to your injury.

What Is a Sports Injury?

It is an injury that occurs due to trauma from sporting activities. The injury can take various forms, including:

  1. Fractures – broken bones.
  2. Dislocations – displaced bones, usually when a bone is forced out of its socket.
  3. Sprains – tearing the ligaments.
  4. Strains – tearing muscles or tendons.
  5. Knee injuries – affecting the knee cap and its joint.
  6. Back and neck pain.
  7. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD)

Technically, you do not have to be an athlete to incur a sport’s injury. Although these injuries are common among sportspersons, you can get them too if:

  1. You fail to warm up properly before physical exercise.
  2. You haven’t been active for a long time.
  3. You overuse or misuse your body parts through repetitive strenuous motions.

Does Every Sports Injury Need Chiropractic Care?

Not all sports injuries are severe enough to get you to quit playing for a while. However, any injury you encounter requires treatment to avoid advancement and worsening. Chiropractors have versatile approaches and treatment protocols that can handle varying sports injuries regardless of the location of the body. However, you have to be willing to admit that you need help to get your body back in shape. Besides, chiropractic is not just a treatment measure after injury. It can be a preventive tool to ensure you never suffer serious sports injuries that may end your sporting career.

Reasons You Need to See a Chiropractor as an Athlete

The benefits of chiropractic care for athletes are incalculable before and after a sports injury. Some of them include the following:

  1. Relaxing and rejuvenation – your body deserves to take a break from the intense sporting activities. One great way to relax and rejuvenate is through deep tissue massage, targeting all the tight knots and tension spots in your body.
  2. For physical therapy – after an injury, some of your ligaments may become stiff, reducing your mobility. Physical therapy retrains your body to function as optimally as before the injury. Chiropractors incorporate various techniques to manage muscle spasms, which can get very uncomfortable during your healing process. The results will be a great range of motions for muscles and ligaments that initially felt stiff.
  3. Treat pain – you cannot rely wholly on medication to treat your pain. A chiropractor in Traverse City can help alleviate some mild and chronic pain you experience after a sports-related injury. Patients with neck pain and headaches have all realized improvements in pain levels after chiropractic treatment.
  4. To prevent injuries – you do not have to wait until you incur an injury to visit a sports injury chiropractor near you. Consider chiropractic treatments as preventive care to prevent the injuries from happening in the first place.
  5. To speed up healing – sometimes all you need is extra help to speed up your healing process after an injury. As an athlete, being benched for several weeks or months because of an injury can get overwhelming. Chiropractic care can help promote self-healing for your body so you can resume your career. Some of the chiropractic approaches will cause a drastic decrease in the swelling of the injured part of your body. Further, chiropractors target parts of the injuries suffering from impaired blood flow that makes healing difficult. The treatment will improve blood flow, allowing white blood cells to reach such parts of your body for speedy healing.
  6. To improve performance – if, for nothing else, you need chiropractic care to improve your overall performance in the field. When your body is stretched out, relaxed, and healed, you will play better in your favorite sport.

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